Adam H Hart Australian Society for Medical Research Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

Adam H Hart

The Hart laboratory, within the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, Biochemistry and Genetics department, at La Trobe University uses genetically modified mice and stem cell lines to discover the common molecular mechanisms regulating stem cells and cancer. Adam received his doctorate from the Monash Institute for Medical Research and carried out postdoctoral studies at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute in Toronto and at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. During the last 10 years, Adam’s research on stem cells, development and cancer has been published in Nature Genetics, PNAS, Immunity, J. Ex. Med., Stem Cells, Development, Oncogene and CANCER, accruing more than 1200 citations. Adam is an active member of the scientific community, holding elected positions in the Australian Society for Medical Research, Australian and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology, ARC/NHMRC Network in Genes and Environment in Development, reviewing ARC and NHMRC grants, and is an honorary research fellow of the Monash University Anatomy and Developmental Biology Department. Dr Hart’s research has received generous support from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council, Australian Lymphoma and Leukaemia Group, the Australian Stem Cell Centre and the Victorian Life Science Computation Initiative.

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